About me and this blog

Ubud Market: flowers, chilies, garlic and fruit

I’m a scientist, tutor, traveler, passionate home cook and a foodtrapreneur. I recently launched HOMISTRO, an online service dedicated to providing full weekly meal plans – all recipes are lick-your-fingers-delicious and based on whole, natural, fresh ingredients! Homistro also saves you shopping time with a complete organized grocery list. Sound good? Check it out and help us spread the word.

Cooking has always been a passion of mine. I love cooking, I even look forward to cooking dinner every day. It seems as if the universe aligns, the heavens break open and angels are singing when I’m absorbed in my cooking. Having grown up in Bali, Indonesia, it’s no surprise that most of my favorite dishes are Asian. Indonesian food is my favorite. My parents, while they too loved the Indonesian kitchen, added another culinary influence to my life, western cooking from Europe and America, my dad being Swiss and my mum being American.

As a result, my cooking is biasedly influenced by Asian culture and spics  but I also love Italian, Mediterranean, French  and Arabic food. I guess I like any food as long as its YUMMY IN MY TUMMY.

I recently finished my MSc. studies in Hydrology and have started to take my food blogging more seriously. If is a fun hobby to accompany my cooking and lets me share my favorite recipes with my friends and all you others out there.


One thought on “About me and this blog

  1. Maitri, This is gorgeous. Soooooooooooooo cool. I’ve been telling Mira she should create a blog. I’m going to share this with her for some umpf – get up and go with it. So cool!


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