I have decided to start my own blog on my home cooking. To share with you my passion and love for cooking.

I work on the week days from 9 to 5 where I sit in front of a computer, modeling salt and freshwater transport in coastal aquifers. When I get home, I cook… I wind down and I cook something that fills my heart with warmth and makes my senses tingle, it helps me relax and forget about the stresses from the day.

I don’t really know yet how this blog will turn out, but my idea is that once in a while I’ll post a recipe or two and add some nice pictures of what I cook and share the experience with you. I hope you find something interesting.

What will I be cooking? Well, if you have read the ‘about me’ part of the blog, then you will not be surprised if I tell you I’ll be cooking European and Asian cuisine. I have added a few pictures of some of my coking for a quick peek into what may be coming up.


Bon appetit or as we say in Indonesia, selamat makan.


Pan seared salmon and tomatoes with spiced baked potatoes and spinach


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